Standing still means losing ground!

We want to improve continuously! That’s how we got where we are today. In this context, we have the MRF quality mark, and we are CSR and ISO 9001 certified.

Since 2016, we have complied with the legal obligation for processing electrical and electronic equipment by obtaining the WEEELABEX certificate.


The WEEELABEX contains rules for the collection, storage, transport, processing, recycling and reuse of e-waste. The obligation ensures that companies optimally process electrical appliances. It also ensures that the rules are the same for all businesses.

WEEELABEX stands for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment LABel of EXcellence. The WEEELABEX standards have been developed by a European affiliation of producers and processors.

The WEEELABEX standards were established to ensure that:

  • Waste appliances are processed and disposed of effectively, efficiently and properly
  • The recycled products are of high quality, and this quality constantly improves
  • Public health, safety and the environment are protected
  • There are no cross-border shipments of waste appliances to non-certified parties
  • There is fair competition for all operators in the equipment waste chain

What requirements does WEEELABEX set for waste processors?

The WEEELABEX obligation imposes various requirements on waste processors. These are obligations in the area of:

  • How devices should be handled, stored and processed
  • The infrastructure of the recycling company
  • The administrative and organisational set-up of the recycling company
  • Training and briefing of staff to enable them to carry out tasks properly
  • The monitoring and recording of the origin and destination of equipment
  • The minimum results to be achieved from recycling appliances

The methods for demonstrating that recycling results have actually been achieved


The Metal Recycling Federation (MRF) is THE sector organisation for the metal recycling sector. The MRF represents the interests of 140 professional companies, which together account for 85% of the total volume. These metal recyclers have the MRF quality mark, which is proof of quality and professionalism.

The MRF regularly meets with the government to discuss legislation, problems and opportunities for the sector on behalf of its members. The MRF consults amicably but does not shy away from taking a firm stance if the interests of its members are at stake. The MRF cooperates with related organisations wherever it is useful to do so. The MRF is a member of the Dutch Recycling Federation and the European recycling organisation EuRIC. Through this network, the MRF can promptly influence decision-making and gain access to access crucial information.

Each member of the MRF is obliged to be certified. The MRF quality mark guarantees professionalism and quality. For that reason, many clients are only willing to work with metal recyclers with the MRF quality mark. With this label, the companies demonstrate that they comply with legal requirements, such as those for the environment and working conditions. These recyclers can also obtain the Erkend Duurzaam (Approved Sustainability) certificate. This is how they show that they are socially responsible. Many purchasing conditions require this certificate.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems (KMS) and is by far the best-known standard in the world. The standard lays the foundation for a robust quality management system. The ISO 9001 certification is used to assess whether an organisation can meet the international quality management requirements.



The benefits of ISO 9001 certification:

  • Continuous improvement and streamlining of processes
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased resilience and sustainable growth through risk-based thinking
  • A powerful company presentation
  • Generation of new business and participation in tenders
  • Improved collaboration with stakeholders and a more effective supply chain.

With an ISO 9001 certification, an organisation demonstrates that it meets international quality management requirements. This helps an organisation meet customer requirements and comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the product or service and the organisation’s own requirements. Taken together, all the requirements form an established quality management system.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on Annex SL – the new High Level Structure (HLS) which applies to all management systems, as the chapter structure is the same for different standards. This helps us to ensure consistency and speak one language across all standards.

CSR Performance Ladder

The CSR Performance Ladder can be introduced by organisations that feel the need to include structural CSR policy-making in their management system. The purpose of the CSR Management System is to manage the development and implementation of CSR policy on CSR indicators in consultation with stakeholders and to manage this in an effective, result-oriented and relevant way and actively communicate with stakeholders.

Corporate social responsibility means that in addition to striving for profit, you also consider the impact of your activities on the environment and pay attention to human aspects inside and outside the company. With CSR, an organisation considers the impact of its business operations on society and is accountable for its actions. CSR and sustainability are aimed at achieving a balance between the elements People, Planet, Profit (Prosperity).

Another definition of CSR is: “The conscious focus of corporate activities on long-term value creation in the three dimensions of People, Planet and Profit, combined with a willingness to enter into dialogue with society.

The CSR Performance Ladder certificate is objective proof that the organisation has a management system for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our CSR annual report is shared with our stakeholders and can be requested via info@menten.nl


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