What we stand for

Jos Menten B.V. is an ultra-modern and professional company in metal recycling and trading. Jos Menten B.V.’s activities focus on trading in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their collection, transport, treatment and processing.


„Jos Menten B.V. contributes to the continuity of the company and society by organising metal recycling, metal trading, and effective processing professionally and responsibly.“


How does Jos Menten B.V. achieve this?

Jos Menten B.V. is equipped with the most modern production resources for processing and treating the various ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This process is based on its own integral management system for People, Planet and Profit.

Jos Menten B.V. is future-oriented. The company demonstrates that metal recycling can be more sustainable, cleaner and more professional. Jos Menten B.V. does this by further integrating sustainability into its business processes, services and products. It thus contributes to a society in which trade, recycling, economy and ecology are interwoven. Jos Menten B.V. also considers it important to guarantee the safety, health and welfare of its personnel, temporary workers and third parties such as visitors and clients as effectively as possible during the work.


  • Organising a professional and responsible metal recycling process.
  • Effective processing through specialist know-how and advanced resources.
  • Integral management system regarding People, Planet and Profit.


  • A CSR policy aimed at preventing personal injury and damage to health. All this is done according to the legal requirements, provisions, standards, state of the art and health regulations.
  • Ensuring the safety, health and welfare of its own people and those of third parties.
  • Ensuring that safety is structurally mapped out and identified in all business processes.
  • Reintegrating employees.


  • Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and anticipating social developments.
  • Implementing our integral management system for People, Planet and Profit
  • Recycling metals in an environmentally and socially responsible way.
  • Preventing risks of damage to the environment through the restricted and correct use of materials, equipment and tools.
  • Limiting emissions to the soil, air and water.


  • Sustainable business operations.
  • A future-oriented way of doing business based on integrity and transparency that generates a healthy return.

Continuous improvement

Continuity is guaranteed because Jos Menten B.V. undertakes to prevent environmental damage and remain alert to changes and new developments at every level of the organisation. The management system at Jos Menten B.V. is under constant development, which makes it possible to guarantee the first-class maintenance of our recycling products and services and emphasise sound staffing and a good relationship with the customer.

Quality and Sustainability Goals

Every year Jos Menten B.V. sets itself a number of quality and sustainability goals. These focus on aspects such as:

  • Further implementing the CSR strategy in the organisation.
  • No accidents.
  • Structural attention to training, information and instruction.
  • Gaining an insight into our energy performance in order to improve it.
  • Clearly identifying our stakeholders and setting up a solid learning cycle through stakeholder dialogues.

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