Ferrous Metals

Sheared metal / HMS 1/2

There are different types of sheared metal. The material may be alloyed. This includes, for example, new and old rebar.

Heavy duty sheared metal / 3B
The quality of used heavy shared metal is better if it is clean and homogeneous. It should also be free of mechanical and galvanized parts or other ‘contamination’. Examples include painted beams or tubes, profiles, sheet piling, iron sheets or rail tracks.

New iron/ 2B

New iron waste comes from the metal processing industry, construction companies or shipbuilding (sheets, beams, pipes, tubes, etc.)


E8/Galva is new plate material, often thin. It may be painted or galvanized but not alloyed.

Steel turnings

Steel turnings come from the machining industry, such as metal turners and machine factories. Steel turnings must have a homogeneous composition.

Heavy duty iron

Heavy duty iron is steel or iron that cannot be cut with the shears because of its thickness or shape. This is therefore done with a cutting torch. A cutting torch uses a combustible gas in combination with oxygen and cuts large iron pieces by heating. This is possible with all grades (HMS 1/2, 3B, 2B, Galva etc.)

Incineration scrap

Incineration scrap remains after reprocessing of the slag remaining after the waste incineration process. Incineration scrap is available in different qualities, depending on the format (coarse or fine) and the degree of contamination.

Usable iron

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